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Leyu Electric was established in 2007. It mainly produces switching power supplies, off-grid inverters, and rotary switches. We have professional top senior engineers involved in the whole process of designing products. We strictly produce in accordance with national standards, and the quality meets national standards. At the same time, we also support product customization services. We will design product drawings according to customer requirements, develop products according to customer requirements, conduct product testing and demonstration, personnel quality inspection, and then mass production, assembly and transportation.

The LEYU company is equipped with modern production technology and excellent testing equipment.The company has strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, excellent detection means, 3‰ standardization is far above the national standard 3%, stable performance, industry responsibility, excellent quality.

Our productivity is also very strong. We have completed the production of 15 orders in one month and delivered them within the specified time.

We have high-quality services. During the transportation, if the product is damaged or there is an error in the product, we support return and exchange. Sincere service is our creed, and patiently listening to every small opinion and suggestion from our customers is our philosophy, the driving force for our continuous progress, and the foundation for us to win the trust of the market.